Naughty Naughty Cafe Nero

As much as i love my deserts and i hate to turn my back on an old friend.
Even i know there is no excuse for the empty calories i eat time after time in Cafe Nero.

Cafe Nero Chai Latte – 13 Smart Points.
Cafe Nero Chocolate Fudge Cake – 23 Smart Points.

At 39 Points i have already gone over my daily limit without even blinking.


So….. me and my best friend ( the one who loses all the weight) decided no more fancy frothy drinks and no more big massive desserts.

So we strolled into Cafe Nero on Sunday and stole our usual cosy seat and i went to order.
Two pots of tea please – No milk/ No Points.
Hmmmmm , tea without treats did not sound appealing so i picked up a pack of two tiny little wafers from the counter and marched over to our seats super happy with my healthy choice.

Or so i thought.
16 Smart Points!!! – 16 Points for a wafer , no thank you Cafe Nero – no thank you!!!

Next time i shall get my tea and smuggle in some of my weight watchers branded cake slices.


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