Great Start – Continue Strong 27/2/2017

Yippeee Yippeee Yipeeeee.

After one week on Weight Watchers i went along on Saturday to find out i had lost a massive 4lbs!!!

I am so happy and so proud of myself for sticking to the plan.

If truth be told i did have a few wobbly days especially Friday night after being to the doctors and finding out i had a nasty ear infection , my medicine was pizza!

Saturday being weigh day will also mean my treat day.

I know that for the plan to work you must stick at it and i know for plans to last you must change your life.

However im quite happy with my life and i enjoy food , that much wont change and i dont want it to.

But i can honestly admit i am so so happy with the weight loss and only hope it continues as positively.

Sunday i stuck to my points which after only one week and one weight loss has gone down to 36 per day 😦

Monday …. so far so good!


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