Strong Start Sloppy Finish 23/2/17

After joining Weight Watchers on Saturday i decided that would be my last day of crazy portions and ridiculous treats and i would gather the information and facts and start solid on Sunday.

With my weight , height and age taken into consideration i was given a daily allowance of 37 points , i also have my 49 weekly which i plan to avoid like the plague.

Sunday –

Sunday i stayed well within my points by using 35 of my 37.Sunday was great i was up bright and early for a gym session with my best friend who has lost so much weight over the past couple of years she is the perfect example of a success story she kicks my butt and i need it.

Monday –

Monday i ate all 37 of my daily points and was stuffed.

Mondays are one of my longest days working from 9:30am-11:30pm so its really quite easy to stay on track. I have set break which means specific times i eat so if i prepare before hand its a pretty simple day.

Tuesday –

Tuesday i ate 35 of my 37 points.

Again Tuesday is one of my long days so easy to track and easy to stay on track.

Wednesday –

Wednesday (not so good). 38 points which meant i dipped into my weeklies for one point.

I had a slight pity party due to a killer migraine and as per default i made myself feel much much better with food. However this time i didn’t feel much much better , i felt annoyed and angry that i ate what i did as i had been so determined and on track. An early night with some Prison Break will help me sleep off any food thoughts.

Thursday –

So far so good! Back on track today with the help of my little niece who had a sleepover last night. She motivates me to get up early and have breakfast with her as im providing for her so may as well join in. We did have a not so naughty McDonalds breakfast which when i pointed was only 10 points! Much less than i expected but of course it wont become a habit. Stir fry is on the menu for tonight , loaded with veg and tones of beansprouts ill be well within my points for today. Weight day on Saturday is looming and i must honestly admit i am not feeling any healthier or any better about myself , but i know iv followed the plan each day as i should have so fingers crossed!





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