Big Step Big Start 18/2/17

After years of gradual weight gain and lower self esteem i realised enough was enough. Five years ago i was confident , happy and full of energy at 5ft6 and 11st4 i was within a healthy BMI and Weight Range.

Now at 24 years of age I am 5ft6 and a whopping 16st3. A weight gain of five stone is the equivalent 64 kittens  , this particular comparison is thanks to the fun website below.

Its very difficult to pin point one thing in particular that caused the weight gain.

  1. Learning to drive and having the convenience of a car.
  2. Moving from a manual job to an office job.
  3. Long shifts and strange lunch/break patterns.
  4. Greed , plain old greed!

I find myself eating things now on a daily basis that would once have been a treat , i have portions much bigger than i was ever used to and can demolish a carton of Ben and Jerry’s quicker than an Olympia Athlete.

No More!

So on the morning of Saturday 18th February i decided to join weight watchers , i got up and made my way to the class. My heart was pounding and i was mortified to stand on the scales and see the horrible number i had become but i was also excited – excited that i would never ever see that number again!

Laden with books , cards and apps i went home for one last pig out and a good read over my plan to see how best to tackle the weight loss monster.


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